Happy New Year!!

Luv all you guys, smile at the world, at yourself and keep your eyes bright and shining.

As a new year’s gift, I give you Forgotten Fragments, an infinitely crass story that I’ve penned. People waiting for Kharke will have to wait further, so sorry! I’m having trouble deciding the focus of the series (big words which mean that I don’t know which direction to continue on) so a rewrite is in order there.


Squirrels call him the jungle beast
Tinkerer, cooker of bad spongy tastes
Funny (sic) telltale

Up your gullet went his
Down his throat, and then into his
hoarding heart. Spindles of assorted foibles
that doesn’t make hair gray,
But whitens it.

Squirrels aside, (and even them) mistake him
for mischief, but tears do not know prank
from frank hate.

And neither, I believe, does Loki.


Taken by Thomas H. Cook

If only great movies could be great books! Granted, Taken isn’t an epic movie by any stretch of imagination, but it is one of the major Scifi dramas to hit Television recently, and it could have been a great book. But this, the novel by Thomas H. Cook isn’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps I was unfavorably biased (because I knew the story almost word for word coz I saw the series) but the writing is drab with words and dialogues copied from on screen, and there is hardly any extra material. This is boring, mostly because the whole point of writing a companion book should have beeen to give us something more than the stuff in the series. But this just doesn’t cut it.

Pegasus in Flight

Pegasus in Flight by Anne McCaffrey

This is the first of the Anne McCaffrey books that I’ve read; I wanted to start with the Dragonriders, but there are more than 10 books in that series, so I decided to let it lie for another day. This book is the second in the Pegasus series, and usually I’m very reluctant to begin with a later book, because then I won’t ever read the earlier books. So two firsts for me with this one; make that three: the first time I’ve read about Mind-Powers (aside from punk literature, but that doesn’t count, usually) I’ll place this book as a tentative liker, I think I recognize this book and it’s writing as that of one which grows on you, as you advance within the series, you’ll learn to love the characters and cry and laugh with them. I also got a very skewed opinion about McCaffrey (regrettably) because this isn’t the best of her writing. That is not to say I didn’t like this book, but I’ve read much better ones (even in the so called punk-genre of Ereading). I’ll place the Pegasus series in a Must-read slot though, since it deals with the Mind, and that I like. Psychohistory anyone?