A still from the movie Serendipity, I love this =)

It’s one of the words in the language which when I see I have to instantly know the meaning, and it’s also the name of one of my favorite romantic movies. Serendipity is an astutely amazing movie simply because the first time I saw it I expected so much from it simply because a director who chooses such a title simply must make a movie to deserve its magic. And it does. I don’t know how it’s about some movies and some people – I’ve never seen Russel Crowe so violently brilliant as in A Beautiful Mind, I’ve never seen a more seductive woman than Charlize Theron in The Devil’s Advocate, and in this movie Kate Beckinsale has that wickedly bewitching smile and eyes that I can’t watch without somebody taking a sledgehammer to my heart. And I’m so sorry to say that its only in this movie, I recently saw Underworld and I didn’t even recognize her in it. But this movie has magic like so few movies before and after it. I love it. You should too if you want to hang around here 🙂

Relevant Kinks (spelling intentional): Kate | Charlize | Devil | Russel | Underworld | Beautiful Mind

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