How Markup shouldn't interfere with your thoughts

When you write something for print, all the qualification that you do to it is within the text, you can add emphasis and punctuation to stress and tone your message, but essentially, everything is in the words. In Hypertext, it’s not so, there’s some stuff called Markup that you have to worry about. And it’s all so damn unintuitive and intrusive. If I have to write something that really cuts to the heart, something simple yet beautiful – something like poetry in prose, that develops an image in words, I simply can’t break it with markup. HTML Links interfere with a reader’s thoughts, they’re kinks in a long melodious chain of word upon word, rotten kinks that don’t fit in anywhere, and so I have to invent, contort, displace prose so that somehow it isn’t so terribly rotten on the eye and it all somehow fits in. But I never seem to be able to do that well, it’s said of this that it’s a hard thing to learn, and I’ll try and try again because as always if you catch the reader unaware, it’s said to be more effective.

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