Time Enough for Love

Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlen

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Lazarus is an old man now, old enough that he wants to die. Well, who can blame him, he’s lived many a millenia too much. And yet, there are many people who have vested interests in his living – after all, the oldest man on Earth should have much to teach his children (many, literally his children since he’s spawned his seed throughout the breathing universe) When he does manage to convince himself to live (with some help from a beautiful woman computer, a seedy rejuvinist, and his diploid twin sisters) the fun begins.

Time Enough for Love has also time enough for the umpteen lives of Lazarus – a person who’s older than anyone should be. It describes how he grows from one culture to another, how he reluctantly shrugs off his Old-Earth education that had till then sexually-repressed him, it talks about the difference between love and sexEros and Agape – and it tells how even his lengthened life is not enough for love. The last few hundred pages of this book deal with difficult to resolve issues, incest for one, and multiple loves for another and Heinlein brings about a harmonic fusion of love and sex and everything in between -of morality and of licentiousness – and detailed definitions of ‘incest’, ‘life’, ‘mere sex’, and ‘fun’ that I never expected in a book of this kind. This is an epic, and for all people, this is a must-read. I loved this.

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