Scooted Up

I got back on my bike today. Finally <insert sense of misdirected relief here> – because ever since my little accident on the bike, I’d been banned from it. But my leg is all splendid now, and I can go whizzing around. When I did whiz around today, I discovered that I had missed my sweet little buddy of three years – who I flatter unguardedly by calling it a name that should rightly be accorded to its elder cousin. But what the hell, it’s my scooter, it’s my two legs that can fly.

But before that, I went on my usual round of libraries again. I picked up one Anne McCaffrey – ‘Pegasus in Flight’ which is actually the second in a series, and I digested that today. It’s a pretty good book, and since this is my first taste of McCaffrey (the first time I’ve read her though I’ve heard of the Dragonriders before) I went through it slowly, and found that I liked reading her. Another book I borrowed was a Lestat story from Anne Rice. I’d read and liked the original ‘The Vampire Lestat’ and since I’m part of the way into the book, I think I’ll like this too – though this is a much newer, fatter and bolder book. I picked up a text rendering of Taken, the Speiberg drama that I was telling you about, and my mom is avidly reading that now so I’ll have to hold off for a bit for me to get to that. I also spliced up a few more inconsequential books to pacify my brother, but they are nothing golden.

And why should I need to pacify my brother, you ask? Well, my dear reader, I’m going on a trip to my mother’s house – which is in Chenganoor. So you won’t see me again till this Friday. Since the said Chenganoor (or more specifically, a psuedo-village called Malakkara) doesn’t have the net-web that graces me here, I won’t be able to convey anything to you. Malakkara is an exciting-boring place – I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. Though most of the things that I usually find comforting are absent (and I’m not an outdoors person generally) it’s a different sort of niceness. I’ll also meet my grandpa (my mother’s father) who is quite a character himself. Yes, I’ll tell you about the place, but later. Got to go now, an early day tomorrow. Luv you.

With a hand in my heart, I part.

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