My uncle and my grandpa are both a little hard of hearing. (Disclaimer: My artistic deviances are added herein)

Uncle: This damn cough just doesn’t go away!
Grandpa: You should just try it again, these times it’s difficult to get a person on the phone.
Uncle: Eh? I was talking about my cough.
Grandpa: Your what?
Uncle (yelling): My cough!
Grandpa: Oh! You should use some Rasnadi, it helps a lot.
Uncle: Oh, but I don’t like inhalers.
Granpa: Huh? I was talking about Rasnadi powder.
Uncle: What?
Grandpa (yelling): Rasnadi!
Uncle: Oh!

And so they go on, acheiving in ten sentences what should be in three, while I sit on a couch nearby, David Gemmel engrossing me with Morningstar, hearing nothing myself.

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