Loved “Trying”

I absolutely loved Trying, the Apple TV drama starring Esther Smith & Rafe Spall as Nikki and Jason, a couple who are unable to have kids and are now trying to adopt. Much like Ted Lasso (which is also brilliant), Trying is a comedy, but it’s so much more than that. It’s just a wholesome slice of life drama that has a particularly poignant last episode.

Season 2 lands May 21, so it’s a great time to start watching!

iPhone 12 Mini

So my iPhone X decided to get a cracked screen just a week before. I dropped it like I had done countless times before, but this time the right side of the screen went kaput. Because of the timing, I had to swear to a couple of friends that this wasn’t intentional. 😂

Nevertheless I ordered a mini because:

  1. It’s the cheapest new iPhone.
  2. It’s small and I have memories of nice one-handed phones.

And it got delivered in like 3 days which is super fast where I am. First impressions:

  1. The screen is smaller but it’s very easy to get used to it from a X-sized form factor. It doesn’t really feel any smaller.
  2. If you upgrade every 3 years or so like I do, it’s so nice to see how much our phones improve. Truetone is really sweet. The speakers are much louder. And the display is so much closer to the glass. Tiny year-over-year improvements add up to a lot.
  3. The new cameras are noticeably better than those of the X. I also got Halide, and will probably try to get some shots with it soon.
  4. It’s remarkably easy now to get everything up even if you do a clean install. Just install a few apps & sign in.