Plugging Master of None Season 3

Denise & Alicia, waiting for Darius to “fill the cup”

So I really enjoyed watching the third season of Master of None. That is partly because the headliner & comedy act Aziz Ansari is present for about a whole 15 minutes in the entire season (I really am not a fan of his reedy voice), but also because Denise’s story is so, so much more interesting than Dev’s constant whining.

It’s a nuanced and lovely portrayal of lesbian love, and as a straight man, watching it is very rewarding: what I took away from it, more than anything is that love is love, with all its complications and ugliness, and hurt, and drama, and reconciliation, and bittersweet moments. Naomi Ackie is absolutely excellent as Alicia, and Lena Waithe continues to be brilliant as Denise, both have given some of the best on-screen acting that I’ve seen in a TV show. And Cordelia Blair… wow, Nurse Cordelia absolutely stole my heart.

I’m not going to dig too much into the plot because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it’s definitely a must watch, filled with long silences, and just evocative moments where nothing really needs to be said or done for us to feel, really feel, what the characters are going through. Absolutely brilliant screenplay, and amazing cinematography: I found myself just staring at the screen, and noticing all of the hidden detail in its slowly moving shots. I’ll leave you with a bunch of scenes that I found particularly moving.

PS: If you’d like to read a spoiler-full review, I recommend this one, but really, sincerely, go watch this.

You’ll love Denise & Alicia’s story.

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