iPhone 12 Mini

So my iPhone X decided to get a cracked screen just a week before. I dropped it like I had done countless times before, but this time the right side of the screen went kaput. Because of the timing, I had to swear to a couple of friends that this wasn’t intentional. 😂

Nevertheless I ordered a mini because:

  1. It’s the cheapest new iPhone.
  2. It’s small and I have memories of nice one-handed phones.

And it got delivered in like 3 days which is super fast where I am. First impressions:

  1. The screen is smaller but it’s very easy to get used to it from a X-sized form factor. It doesn’t really feel any smaller.
  2. If you upgrade every 3 years or so like I do, it’s so nice to see how much our phones improve. Truetone is really sweet. The speakers are much louder. And the display is so much closer to the glass. Tiny year-over-year improvements add up to a lot.
  3. The new cameras are noticeably better than those of the X. I also got Halide, and will probably try to get some shots with it soon.
  4. It’s remarkably easy now to get everything up even if you do a clean install. Just install a few apps & sign in.

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  2. The display being closer to the screen is such an important criteria for me. It’s gives so much satisfaction. Nice to see someone else other than me paying heed to that, for the first time. Also, there’s nothing else like the latest Apple OLEDs.

    Frankly, it doesn’t look “mini” in your pictures 😅
    I have a XS.

    1. Yeah it’s not too small at all for me. It feels much larger than the SE for example, and closer to my X size.

      The display is also so much nicer. It’s such a pleasure to work with it. 😊

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