Trip to Lepakshi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple

Yesterday we did a road trip from Bangalore to Lepakshi temple. It was around 110kms each way, and it’s an easy day trip from north Bangalore, and takes about 2 hours each way. The drive was good, although on the way to the temple we ended up deviating through a stretch of bad roads (courtesy Google Maps and its insistence on the shortest roads instead of the best ones).

Also my first longer trip on the Jeep

There are only 2 things to see at Lepakshi really, the temple, and a recently constructed statue of Garuda, which we visited first.

It’s pretty imposing isn’t it?

You can’t really go to the Garuda (we assumed because of crazy Indian crowds that would desecrate it), but there are couple of viewpoints from where you can take photos.

The temple itself is the highlight really. Constructed by the old Vijayanagara empire, it really brought back memories of my trip to Hampi. An interesting distinction being that the temple is still functional, and has a daily pooja.

We really liked this shiva lingam carved from a single stone.
And this lovely tree with so much shade.

A good trip overall, and very much recommended. I took the photos in the post using an iPhone 12 mini with Halide, and then edited them using RNI Films.

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  1. Ah, road trips. No matter where it happens, it makes me jealous whenever I see someone taking road trips. 😀 I drove in India once and I loved the highways there. Compared to that, driving in Dhaka is extremely stressful. I hope I can take longer road trips in India someday.

    Also, that looks like a nice Jeep. Which model is it?

    1. Haha first time I’m hearing good things about Indian roads 😄

      It’s a Jeep Compass Model S. Bought it very recently, it’s my first car 😄

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