K-meleon: The New Upstart

There exists a browser faster than Mozilla Firefox: K-meleon.

For some time now, K-meleon has combined the sleek looks and fast app-load times of Internet Explorer and the lightning fast page-loads of Firefox, but it has done so in relative obscurity. The fact that it is also, arguably, the most customisable browser on the planet, with almost everything (from the bookmarks plugin to mouse gestures navigation) implemented through plugins makes me wonder why it is not more widely known. There was the problem with it having too many options (ha!) and being too difficult to configure, but the new Wechselbalg release solves much of the issues with its very nice defaults; even a relative newbie can make the browser act good.

The speed differences have to be seen to be believed. I have a feeling that the browser has been written from the ground up with load times and performance in mind because it’s so much zippier than any Firefox build I’ve used – even the page-load times feel faster. Since it uses the Gecko engine (Mozilla 1.8+!) there are no major rendering issues, and every browser looks and acts the same as in Firefox. Moroever, it can even use the same bookmarks file that Firefox uses so you can switch between browsers on the fly. It is amazing, windows users, do try it out!


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  1. Awww.. thatz soo sweet :p. My God. I came here to write that Firefox is better than K Meleon. Agreed one thing, K-Meleon is CUSTOMIZABLE =). but, still Firefox kinda takes the cake at the end of the day. Have 4 browsers running in my system – IE (yup, i still do have that for my downloads), Mozilla 1.7.3, K-Meleon and Firefox. =) iNteresting but somehow, IE still has the largest view :D. Firefox comes inat #2,(but overall best), Kmeleon comes in speed #2 and overall 3. Mozilla has the cool look, but the buttons take up just way too much space. Same thing with Firefox, the navigation bar takes up too much space for browsing ewwwww.. Hehe

    Anyways. Nice to see ol’ buddies patching up :p

    😉 Catchya around qhitch and one more THING.. THANKS A TON FOR THE B’day >:D< 😉

  2. Hi Carthik! I seem to recall seeing u in the wordpress forums.. couldn’t figure out you were from T’puram by reading your blog then 😀 Good to meet a close netizen =)

  3. Hi!

    Are you at Trivandrum! Interesting blog you have got here. I am from Trivandrum too, and if you are from Trivandrum it is good to know someone from home uses WP too 🙂

    Drop me an email sometime.

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