Staying Away

Staying away from this blog is not by choice. I have come to love the time I spent here mostly because it’s one thing I do entirely for me. So why this long absence you ask? It’s been a long, long time since I dribbled ink over blue paper and the reasons are pretty simple. But they are also very boring, personal and something I don’t want to talk just right now. So let’s overlook the why for once, and come up with what I did do in the meantime..

I read. A lot. Most of them were fiction… fantasy authors like Robin Hobb, Raymond E. Feist, David Eddings; one was a nice book by Nick Sagan (yes, Carl Sagan’s very famous son), and one was a brilliant philosophical Scifi piece… Calculating God by Robert Sawyer. I doubt I’ll have the energy to write a review of each, but at least some should make it up here soon.

And then, I slept… a lot :-D. When I feel like writing more, Vysnu will explode into frantic activity. I promise.

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