Internet Radio

I recently discovered that Internet Radio services have matured enough for me to have an uninterrupted listening experience even with my paltry connection. That came as a surprise because I rarely get downspeeds greater than 10K and somehow I was under the impression that you need in excess of that even to get connected.

Well, it seems I was way wrong. Both Windows Media Player and Mercora get me streaming audio and I really really like em both now. I don’t have the same experience with shoutcast streams though, and I guess the problem is that somehow they aren’t optimized enough for connections with my speed 🙂

Oh, here’s a ss of the new WiMP 10 doing the job…

Windows Media Player 10 Streaming Audio

If you have Windows Media Player, click on Radio, go to Local Stations and just browse through the incredible number of actual live radio streams that can be played through the Internet… it’s unbelievable.

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