Koal: Online Reading!

One of the projects I mentioned before is now online.

Koal is an online reading repository (stress on online reading) that aims to make reading from your browser a great experience. It maintains an archive of freely available stories on the net written by independent authors who love to write and craft words together in their free time. Koal is still in a very alpha stage, and some browser and usability issues linger. Comments and noises of encouragement are welcome.

Some assorted info about Koal:

  • Koal was developed in three days. The source (still alpha) is available.
  • Koal aims to be both XHTML/CSS compliant and work in every browser on the planet. Currently, IE 6 SP2, Firefox 0.9.2 and Opera 7.2 work without a hitch. If you notice problems, leave a comment or email me.
  • Koal is also an experiment in usability. The interface (as you might have noticed <g>) is closely modeled on Microsoft Reader, and one of the challenges was how to bring about a coherent design in such a small amount of space. I hope I have succeeded 😉 Suggestions are always welcome.
  • Volunteers to convert malformed HTML documents into XHTML. If you have a working knowledge of what XHTML is, I’ll be very glad if you could help!
  • I’m stopping work on Koal for a while to pay attention to my other projects, but content additions will go on as and when I get the time to do it.

Do try it out and leave a comment here. One author is currently hogging all of Koal, but he has the credentials to do it ;-). All of Fel’s works will soon find their way in.

New readers, do give Tower of Sorcery a spin, it’ll be worth the addiction 😉

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