IE and compliance

You might want to take a look at the new Sig9 featured article I drew up, Making your Internet Explorer (more) Standards Compliant (sic).

I’m working on four different projects right now and one is soon to become mature; I’ll announce the status of that soon. Another one is of course LOBAglobal, which should see a minor increment very soon, and a good update through the next ten days. There is of course my mini-project for this semester and I’m slowly brushing up on my C++ skills to be up to speed with Vivek. And then there is another semi-secret project that’s been my baby for a week, whether the world will come to know of that is still being hotly debated =). Oh I so love being secretive 😉

Oh, there is also the matter of the books I’m reading… expect some updates on that front too.

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