Away Again!

Onam is up, again. And a trip to my mom’s house is on the table, again. So I’ll bid adieu for at least two days from now on since getting on the net in Malakkara is like getting on a boat in T’puram, it’s just not done 😉

Before I go, a status on my projects… LOBAglobal has some interesting times up ahead, I’ll assure you that ;-). The mini-project hasn’t been going anywhere, mostly because I still don’t know enough C++ to have a whing at coding; pthreads on win32 (thanks to a link by Vivek) at least seems to work, but the bulk of the coding still remains to be done. About my other project, well, that’s stalled too… though I’ll think on it in the days ahead.

For people who asked and still haven’t gotten my trip pictures, I’m really really sorry. I meant to send them sooner, but got tied up in lots of other things – I will get them to you 😀

Books too… a review of Six Degrees should be up as soon as I finish reading it, that’s a really amazing book.

And about my latest project, Koal: the response to it has been really heartening. Though it didn’t come from the sources I expected it to, many people emailed me and told me it was nice, some had a lot of suggestions to make too. Koal is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and a growth in the number of stories hosted will happen very soon 😉

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