Downtime and Upgrade to WP 2.3.1

There was a bit of a downtime for this site because my MySQL binary logs and lighty logs had temporarily filled up my 10G slice. That’s fixed now but I haven’t found a permanent solution (this has happened before). I suppose I should whip up a cron job that runs every week to do some housekeeping.

Also while I was at it, I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. This was the easiest upgrade ever. I got a notification from the WP console that a new version is available and I used svn to switch to that tag:

vysnu@slicey ~/public $ svn sw ↵
U    wp-login.php
U    wp-includes/default-filters.php
U    wp-includes/bookmark.php
U    wp-includes/query.php
A    wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml
U    wp-includes/formatting.php
U    wp-includes/taxonomy.php
A    wp-includes/images/wlw
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpComments.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-icon.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpIcon.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-watermark.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpWatermark.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-comments.png
U    wp-includes/post.php
U    wp-includes/version.php
U    wp-includes/general-template.php
U    wp-includes/canonical.php
U    wp-includes/pluggable.php
U    wp-includes/widgets.php
U    wp-includes/functions.php
U    wp-includes/script-loader.php
U    wp-mail.php
U    wp-admin/includes/template.php
U    wp-admin/includes/upload.php
U    wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php
U    wp-admin/edit-post-rows.php
U    wp-admin/import/wp-cat2tag.php
U    wp-admin/import/utw.php
U    wp-admin/import/mt.php
U    wp-admin/link-import.php
U    wp-admin/link.php
Updated to revision 6294.

See? That’s it. I think my complaints regarding hard WP upgrades are finally over. If you’re not maintaining your WP release via SVN, you should.

Edit: There’s scope to make a plugin to automate this process. Just an upgrade link that runs this svn command in your root folder and redirects to /wp-admin/upgrade.php after that. That’ll make it a no-shell no-brainer to update. Of course, you’ve got to install via SVN first, but an admin could do that.

Orange Juice!

Welcome everybody to a new avatar of Vysnu. It’s still heavily in the works so stuff will be broken, but it should be a nice refresh from being blue all this while. The inspiration behind this is a hint of Kill Bill and a dash of love.

Notes and Plans

  • It’s been four years since I started this blog and the design remained constant, so it’s overdue for a change.
  • It’s made with Blueprint™. Relying on this very lovely framework means that this whole avatar (until now at least) is less than 60 lines of style. Rejoice! (Definite win for easy tweaking and playing around with things.)
  • Good typography, again courtesy the blueprint framework. These fonts are definitely easier on my eye.
  • I plan to move delicious links and miniposts (kewl) to the sidebar, leaving this main box filled only with ‘real’ posts. Done!
  • Striving for minimalism, so navigation by default will be hidden and only come up on a click.
  • Good white on black pretty colors for code.
  • Ashok’s suggestion: remove asides from main RSS feed.
  • A thorough overhaul of the comments template, it’s a relic from the old default WP theme still. Highlighting for self-made comments.
  • Tags display at the bottom of a post a la iPhoto, and a tag list in the sidebar. Done!
  • Switch to WordPress 2.3 Done!
  • Support tags and a tag cloud in the theme. Done!
  • A search box.
  • Bake in widget support in the theme to use those newer plugins.
  • Have an ‘About this Post’ section in the sidebar for individual post displays, also display the previous and the next post for navigation.

Everything else is up for grabs, leave a comment if you need anything done. Later!