Downtime and Upgrade to WP 2.3.1

There was a bit of a downtime for this site because my MySQL binary logs and lighty logs had temporarily filled up my 10G slice. That’s fixed now but I haven’t found a permanent solution (this has happened before). I suppose I should whip up a cron job that runs every week to do some housekeeping.

Also while I was at it, I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. This was the easiest upgrade ever. I got a notification from the WP console that a new version is available and I used svn to switch to that tag:

vysnu@slicey ~/public $ svn sw ↵
U    wp-login.php
U    wp-includes/default-filters.php
U    wp-includes/bookmark.php
U    wp-includes/query.php
A    wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml
U    wp-includes/formatting.php
U    wp-includes/taxonomy.php
A    wp-includes/images/wlw
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpComments.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-icon.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpIcon.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-watermark.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/WpWatermark.png
A    wp-includes/images/wlw/wp-comments.png
U    wp-includes/post.php
U    wp-includes/version.php
U    wp-includes/general-template.php
U    wp-includes/canonical.php
U    wp-includes/pluggable.php
U    wp-includes/widgets.php
U    wp-includes/functions.php
U    wp-includes/script-loader.php
U    wp-mail.php
U    wp-admin/includes/template.php
U    wp-admin/includes/upload.php
U    wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php
U    wp-admin/edit-post-rows.php
U    wp-admin/import/wp-cat2tag.php
U    wp-admin/import/utw.php
U    wp-admin/import/mt.php
U    wp-admin/link-import.php
U    wp-admin/link.php
Updated to revision 6294.

See? That’s it. I think my complaints regarding hard WP upgrades are finally over. If you’re not maintaining your WP release via SVN, you should.

Edit: There’s scope to make a plugin to automate this process. Just an upgrade link that runs this svn command in your root folder and redirects to /wp-admin/upgrade.php after that. That’ll make it a no-shell no-brainer to update. Of course, you’ve got to install via SVN first, but an admin could do that.

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  1. Yup 🙂 An auto-up plugin would be even cooler.

  2. cool. seems like they have heard you 😀

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