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Vysnu has caught up with Sig9 in terms of number of unique people visiting the site every day (more than 170, average). In terms of bandwidth usage, this blog consumes more than 12 MB a day, to Sig9’s 9 MB. Vysnu seems to have a greater number of broken links resulting in about 4200 404 errors last month to Sig9’s 3000 [many of these are mis-typed urls or some other user-error so it may not be accurate].

Another interesting tidbit… The most visited page on the site is not the home page, but a koal story: The Adventures of Me and Martha Jane, with more than 2300 clicks coming by lieu of Google Searches and external/internal referers. That’s how popular erotica is on the internet ;-). 40% of these users refer back to the home page, or to other pages inside the site, which means that it was not a bad marketing ploy… guess you have one of the answers on how to make your website more popular 😀

I’m also pretty proud of what Sig9 has achieved in the 10 months it has been online: many of the google searches that I do now frequently turn up Sig9 results, and the amount of specific and diverse content available on the site (mostly courtesy Vivek and Anoop) is amazing. A pat on the back is always nice, especially when you have to twist your arm to do it 😉

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