Vysnu Redesign: Plans

For a while now, I’ve thought about a Vysnu redesign. It’s way overdue. This blue baby of mine had enough zing in it to win a few notable mentions, but it’s past it’s prime: Vysnu needs to be more web-two-oh-y.

To that end, here are a few plans. I’ll try to state only those that are definite at this stage.

  1. Move over to the vish.in domain. It’s shorter, more direct, less clunky.
  2. Do a rebranding of the site. The blog would still be the highlight, but try to write clearer articles, put more thoughts into words, and have a focus: Web development is the current favorite.
  3. Move away from the Sig9 host, find a personal one. It’s been a fun trip, but all good things must come to an end.
  4. A week’s worth of spam comments at Vysnu is around 12,000. (Not a joke). Kill spam without resorting to comment moderation or CAPTCHAs.
  5. Serve ads. Intelligent, unobtrusive ones.
  6. Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

There is no timeframe for these plans. Life is too cluttered still to venture into a redesign. Suggestions, if not lost in the miasma of comment spam, will speed the process along.

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  2. “Kill spam without resorting to comment moderation or CAPTCHAs.”


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