The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas

The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas 🙂 This is the kind of experience I always have… not really at Christmas though, but anytime I venture into my friends’/relatives’ place. My dad has it worse, he can fix not only computers, but all kinda electrical stuff. When he was here, I remember my house littered with TVs, radios, alarm clocks, etc. which did not belong to us.

My Christmas Wish: An Apple Laptop!

It was Vivek who first told me about how alluring an Apple computer could be. With a BSD core and a cracking Apple GUI over it, it’s just about the best dev environment for any programmer or designer. And I tend to switch between those roles most of the time. The Mac has so often been advertized as the computer for the upper crust of geeks that now it’s not even a cliche. But I’ll tell you three good reasons why an Apple Mac is going to become a real big player in a few years:

  1. They’ve got a solid OS in there: not as focused on security as OpenBSD perhaps, but a helluva lot better than WinXP.
  2. The GUI is amazing. It’s got most of the things the stripped-down version of Longhorn is promising, and 10.5 looks to be even better.
  3. Apple has switched to Intel. This means that you can dual-boot Windows on your Mac. This is perhaps the understated single-most important factor in this list. Also keep watch on the Intel hypervisor project.

So yeah, that’s my Christmas wish. An Intel Mac Powerbook 17-incher. Good looks + brains. When the size, smell, texture, and yeah, even the taste does matter 😉