Voting machines

Do e-voting machines in the US cause this much of a problem? India has been using electronic voting machines too, for some time now, and as far I could see in the last election I voted, it seemed to work without a hitch. Of course, it’s no touchscreen, but maybe in this case, low-tech is a boon, not a bane. Every voting booth in India had at its disposal 3 times more voting machines than was required (because it’s so damn cheap), so when some machines broke down (as some do, with Murphy’s insistence), they were replaced with amazing alacrity. Do read more.

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  1. Nice :-)And I should probably add in a wrapper to prevent urls going off into space like that… 😉


    A good comparison b/w “our” system and “their” system. makes u feel proud to be a s/w engineer from India 😉

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