The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas

The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas 🙂 This is the kind of experience I always have… not really at Christmas though, but anytime I venture into my friends’/relatives’ place. My dad has it worse, he can fix not only computers, but all kinda electrical stuff. When he was here, I remember my house littered with TVs, radios, alarm clocks, etc. which did not belong to us.

One thought on “The Computer Geeks Who Saved Christmas

  1. “It used to be that grandma wanted you to put in a new light bulb in some hard-to-reach place,” said Maschal, who works for a local Web company, though in a non-techie capacity. “Now you have to come over to take spyware off her hard drive.”

    sigh. how true! 🙂


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