My internet connection seems almost twice as fast today. Asianet, my internet webhost seems to have done something radical with their bandwidth allocation. It’s still only 12K (pretty measly, I know), but for subsistence-level net users this comes as a pretty good surprise. Maybe it’s the competition: Reliance, Airtel, BSNL, whatnot. This upgrade makes Asianet’s plan the best out here I think: 880 bucks for a month of unlimited bandwidth 12K connection. Decent. Finally.

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  1. Thanks 🙂 I’ll keep a close watch on the situ.

  2. Currently, the only options available are BSNL and TATA Indicom.

    BSNL has unlimited download from 2 am to 8 am. It is rumoured that they will extend those happy hours to a better range — 11 pm to 8 am, sometime in 2006.

    TATA Indicom — connection charges including modem cost(2000 bucks) and installation charge doesn’t justify the 128 kbps unltd plan which is 900 bucks / month.

    A good option which is coming is Reliance Broadband. I am not talking about the net thru their wireless landlines. They are gonna provide net thru optical fibre / copper cable.

    U dont need a cable or DSL modem for reliance broadband. Just your network card is needed. But the speed is only 100 kbps unlimited for 750 per month.

    An advantage here is that pings will be good in online gaming, because Reliance has offshore routing points.

    If you can do your heavy work during happy hours, then BSNL is the way to go, if u want to shift now. U can download around 110 MB/hour!

  3. What the? You are kidding me!!! :-)! That’s pretty good yaar. Anyhoo, 256kbps by ADL also rocks! But then again, the 1GB cap kinda sucks!! :-(!

  4. U know why they increased?

    TATA Indicom has come out with a 128 kilobits per second plan for just 900 per month.

    I mailed their customer support and gave them a link to TATA’s broadband plans and kept on bugging them.

    The speed increase to 12k is because they know we have a modem which most of us bought for 3x or 4x the current price (ages ago), which means a low probability of shifting.

    They should at once increase it to 128kbits or 160 kbits.

    PS : Why u still on this plan? 😕

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