Nicknames and Anonymity

I’ve realized, that as I grow older, I’m more willing to show my work to other people. I used to have three nicknames—three virtual identities on the net. One, for writing in not-so-polite circles, one on the IRC where I was very active for about a year, and another—my real one—that had, relatively fewer interactions. As time went by, the spheres of people that I knew in these three circles began to overlap. In fact, I was introduced to IRC by one of my writing friends, and we had a sort-of semi-clique over there for a while. But then as always, I diverged and managed to rope in new “friends”.

It’s only very recently that I’ve introduced my darker (Muhaha!) side to my friends. This site, and some of the stories it hosts are relatively inane examples. Have I become braver? Certainly. But just the fact that my mom can read some of the things I type in here leads to constant revisions. Guess I’ll never really grow less scared intimidated by my parents 😉

Hmm, or maybe I will.

One thought on “Nicknames and Anonymity

  1. It takes a brave man to show all his sides and acknowledge them.And in doing so you emerge stronger. Because you now have nothing to hide and no two sides. It is now just you out there.Period.But remember. Now it is you all the way , everywhere , not ‘someone else’


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