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I’ve been busy as a bee the last few days. There’s the work at my college campus for recruitment, and we’ve been working hard to bring in more and more companies. US Software, IBS, Iflex and lots more are coming to our college soon, and this is only the first wave. Things are looking very rosy indeed for students in our college ;-), although it’s taking a major part of my time.

I’ve also been working for my GRE. The Barrons Wordlist of around 3,000 words is subdivided into 50 separate sections. I’ve finished exactly 1. Considering that I’ve almost two months to complete it (I’ve decieded to take the test on August 31), that means an average of six to seven wordlists a week. Which again translates to: impossible. Not that studying words is easy. For me it is uber hard. I’ve a new theory: the more you’re a reader, the less you can actually sit down and gobble up words… I have a particular aversion towards it, and even now I’m reading three books together :-/. (Oh those are btw: ‘Coalescent’ by Stephen Baxter; he’s also the author of the excellent ‘Evolution’, Eddings’ ‘Treasured One’, and an excellent tale (which is free to read) called ‘Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town’.)

In addition to this, I’ve also been working on Koal. I’ve slowly been porting it to CherryPy; it’s a very slow task because I’m slowly becoming familiar with the toolkit and with Python, but I think it’ll turn out to be nice. Then there’s this other project I’m working on which it seems won’t ever see the light of day… I need at least two continous undisturbed days to complete ANY TASK I’ve been assigned to, and I’ll never get that. Have to learn some time management.

I’m boring you guys. Talk very much later when I’ve something interesting to say.

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  1. WHOA!! I’d been planning to come around to your blog ,but me being offline for three months(three suppli’s:( dint help) now tht I have a job( in no small measure due to ya) I’m back…yeah and though I am doubtful about either of us getting into an infy job , a job is a valuable assurance all the same.

  2. Thanks Govind!


    This is a high frequency word list for GRE. 🙂

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