Absence (again)

Sorry for the long leave. Without boring you with details of my absence (evidenced by the dismal post count of last month), I’ll get on with what I have to say. Posting for the next few days might be erratic as hell, so bear with me. The heydays of Vysnu will return. Amen.

Saw the Passion of the Christ the other day. Interesting movie – but not altogether enlightening or refreshing or anything – but interesting because it managed to keep my interest despite the subtitles and everything. Of course, part of it was the fact that my Bible know-how is abysmally dim, and the lashing and crucifying were very depressing (and immediately visual), but I’ve got to admit that my picture of Mel Gibson bhai has been changed a lot – if the guy can feel such a lot for his God, he’s not the toothpick he looks to be. I also saw Van Helsing (a good movie) and Amadeus (the story of Mozart and an okayish movie) but there’s not much to write about. I’m excited about Spiderman 2 – he’s always been a favorite superhero – and despite the way the first flick perverted the comic, I want to see the kiss again.

Reading? Well a lot. The Harry Potter series got polished to a nice three times now, and aside from that, The Paksenarrion Series, a re-read of the Foundation books by Asimov (currently reading Foundation’s Edge), Look to Windward by Iain Banks and lots more to go. Ancient Promises is still revolving in my head though and I think on it often.

Coding too is in the works. As well as OOP-2, which should be posted next week, an update to SMS Yell too will hit the site soon. Vivek, Nandu and I are also working on our Mini-Project for this semester, and the way Vivek is going on about that, it’s gonna be a rocker 😉

I’m also working on writing more chapters for Seven in the Kharke series. For the few people who have given up on me, I’m sorry. Still no promises, but I’ve got so many fancy ideas for the story (and a few spinoff stories too) that it’s just bursting to be written.

Besides that, I’m working with Ashok on the LOBA website. It’s been uber cool to finally play with a host which has shell access (we Sig9-ers can’t afford that) and I’ve been wanting to tinker with so many things. Well there’s time 😉

The above paragraphs have been written 1) to further my ego and 2) for a certain person who reads this and tells me that I’m a lazy bum. I am a lazy bum, but if I’m all okay (as I’m bound to be some time soon), I do get a lot of things done.

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