I’m an exponent of the reader-response theory, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,” so when someone compares me to someone else, I go and look and gaze and stare at that person to see what quality makes us alike. A little while ago, someone compared me to Greg Bear. It’s quite difficult to get books here by authors who don’t write sensational or romantic thrillers, or who aren’t that insanely famous and Greg Bear is one of those people (at least, in Thiruvananthapuram) who fall into that zigzaggy middle ground. But I got hold of ‘Darwin’s Radio’ yesterday and I’ve been reading it.

Frankly, I can’t make out any point where we’re similar in our writing. Bear is a bit too scifi-ish, though he is real enough if you want something like a medical thriller. Look over to the reading list in the sidebar, I’ll update it as I find books to read, courtesy All Consuming.

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