SOAP-ping wet

All Consuming has a SOAP interface to its database. I made a reading list yesterday for the site, but it works with static javascript and doesn’t offer any kind of customisability at all, so a SOAP client in PHP looked to be the best solution. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single implementation of SOAP in PHP that works in this instance. My hosting company does not bundle Pear with PHP, so that solution is out. So is another dll which I have no use for since I don’t have shell access. The only code solution which I’ve found to work is nuSOAP, but it hasn’t been updated for an year, and it doesn’t work in this instance (it works with Amazon’s API though) since it doesn’t support proxy without a WSDL interface.

If anyone can find another working implementation of SOAP in PHP, I’d be grateful. Otherwise, I’ll have to hack the nuSOAP code to get things done.

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