Me Mining Koal

I’m going to take a hiatus for a while. It was a surprise that I could be back this early, but since I’m here, I’m working on something
that will replace (hopefully) our backend at Sig9. I call it Koal, and it’s an XML-cacheing, DB-based, Content Management System. At least, it will
be when it finally makes it’s way into Sig9’s backend. Currently, we use Drupal, a system while being
customisable, is not enough (or maybe suitable) for our needs. We could hack Drupal’s code directly, but somehow most of us prefer to do it from the bottom-up.
So bye-bye for a while, kitten. I’ll be back<g>

Published by vishnugopal

Vishnu Gopal is an Anime fanatic, World of Warcraft player, SciFi nut, hopeless romantic & an engineer at Lucideus.

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