A photo of a bride and a bridegroom in a Hindu wedding.

Holy. And that word conjures up something effervescently multicolor. But that isn’t exactly what marriage brings to my
mind nowadays. (Actually, it wasn’t ever like that, but for the divine purpose of this post, it will be conveniently forgotten.)
I had the pleasure and pain of being a party to an arranged marriage recently. My opinions on this, as my opinions on many topics
are, were until recently very obtuse – I’m obstinate about love and I’m practical about money. But “to marry a person whom you’ve never
even met and to spend the rest of the life with her is crazy!” (Kudos to Vivek, who puts it across very bluntly and effectively.)

Will I ever succumb to the evil that is an arranged marriage? I would like to say NO NO NO outright, but I won’t. Some years ago,
a friend and I had a talk with DP about this. She was of course arguing for something simply because she could, but practicality cannot
always stand firm in the stead of idealistic youth, and so as a parting shot, she lashed out at my friend and told him that she was sure
he’ll land himself in an arranged marriage, and to add insult to injury – that he will engage in something that I’d like to call money grabbing.
To my surprise, and to DP’s, he didn’t deny it outright. Idealistic youth does die in front of practicality.

So does mine, though it should die much harder. Unless of course… 🙂

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