Tailblocks for Tailwind

So I’m a big fan of Tailwind. I think the framework makes CSS grok-able again by providing a subset of the language that has been mostly well-thought out, but still has enough escape hatches so you can do anything CSS can do (mostly)—without writing CSS.

Because Tailwind is so flexible and open-ended though, it’s hard to get started with a more complete layout, part of the reason why Tailwind UI—a component framework that built on top of Tailwind, and by the original creators—sold so well. We ended up purchasing Tailwind UI at Lucideus at the last project I worked on just for this reason: to give a new team more experience with how to build with Tailwind.

Well now, we have an open source alternative: Tailblocks.

Tailblocks seems to be focusing mostly on more fully-fledged layouts now, compared to Tailwind UI that provides more granular components:

But nevertheless, this is really good news. More libraries and code examples for Tailwind—for free—never will hurt 🙂

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