Remote Music Production

There have been many examples of music being produced by people working together from different parts of the world. It’s fascinating isn’t it that what Corona has driven us to do. Here’s a few examples:

A beautiful rendering of Pagannini
Here’s Ode to Joy, like you’ve never heard it before 🙂

And now this, the new Star Trek Discovery score will be produced remotely.

What we are doing is recording individual session players from here in Los Angeles. They are fantastic and most of the people I have used on the Star Trek scores and Picard scores and Umbrella Academy scores. So we will record each individual in their home and then combine all of it to make the orchestra, so we don’t have to put everybody in the same room.

It is not an ideal situation, but it is working. We were very hopeful at the beginning that it is going to work and started small. We started with 4 and then went got to 8 people and went to 10. And now we are about to go up to 26 people and then hopefully we will get to 35 or 40.

Of course, when I think of remote music, I should mention Smule:

A chorus with Elsa

Will this ever become the norm? Probably not. But very interesting nevertheless. What would be a good listening experience for live music look like?

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