Dropbox Paper ≫ Google Docs

Have you used Dropbox Paper recently? It’s so lovely! First off: dark mode! And one of the best dark modes I’ve seen ever for a writing tool.

But more than that it’s the sweet little details:

Look at how tables behave!

So much more sensible than the Google Docs fiasco.

You can present a document!


And look at all those tiny details.

Here’s the left sidebar growing and shortening when I convert between headings.

One of the great tragedies of web products is that one of the best design companies in the world (Apple!) does not have a truly web-native product. Instead they port over their (admittedly very nice, but still very Mac-like) native apps to the web. I sometimes wonder how it would have been like if Dropbox had sold to Apple. Would have been a different world!

3 thoughts on “Dropbox Paper ≫ Google Docs

  1. I agree that dropbox is a more contemporary version of a document compared to almost any other competing product in the category – Google docs, Word 365 and Pages. That presentation mode is genius.


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