Recreating a failed Github Release with the same tag

So Reactist is configured to automatically build & publish an npm package when a new Github release is made. Over last week, I made a couple of releases, and both times I screwed up the build initially because I didn’t have everything necessary for a successful build in dev. It’s a bit tricky to re-trigger the Github action again for the build, as a re-trigger will just rebuild from the same (old) Git commit. Here’s what you have to do instead:

  1. Delete the tag using: git tag --delete name && git push --delete origin 4.0.1
  2. Now, refresh the releases page, and you’ll notice that the earlier release will now be marked as a Draft Release.
  3. Delete that release, and make a new release with the similar information, and make sure to create the same tag.
  4. Now, the GitHub Action will run again, and will hopefully succeed. It does leave some orphan builds in your GitHub Actions list, but that’s not a big deal!

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