Barcamp Delhi Two: Quicker Web Applications

This is absurdly mixing up dates, but I thought I should put up my slides for my talk at Delhi here as well. It’s about caching, and how a simple solution can enable page caching (and its speeds) to be used in a lot of situations. You’ll need the audio of my talk as well. The title is inspired from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a brilliant novella by Philip K. Dick. 🙂

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  1. If you have a lot of dynamic elements on your page (and a db-hit with each of them), then using hInclude will not make sense. The method was for pages that have a lot of static content and few user-specific dynamic portions (front pages of sites for example). The expiry is from the memcache_fragments plugin. You can find more here.


  2. Hi Visnu !!
    In the slide #12 you have mentioned it as cache params, expiry do
    but the method available in action_view/helpers can work like cache params do … could you please explain that expiry a bit more.
    Second thing in slide #18– please give a bit more detail about the hInclude and its merits/demerits …. if we use hInclude then even for the cached page we will gonna send more then one request including the HTTP request we made and the XHR request made by hInclude will gonna create more stress on server …. so thats the way provided by rails to go for fragment caching…. so, what should be our priority either to go for fragment caching or for page/action caching with hInclude.


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