Barcamp Delhi Two: Quicker Web Applications

This is absurdly mixing up dates, but I thought I should put up my slides for my talk at Delhi here as well. It’s about caching, and how a simple solution can enable page caching (and its speeds) to be used in a lot of situations. You’ll need the audio of my talk as well. The title is inspired from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a brilliant novella by Philip K. Dick. 🙂

Barcamp Hyderabad Three: Eclectic Java

Just a quick note (will expand later, hopefully) to let you know that Barcamp Hyderabad 3 happened and I was there 🙂 ‘Twas a fun event, and a good two days away from work.

A request to unconference organizers tho: no wifi sucks big time.

I’ve stopped working on JRuby, but I’m keeping an active RSS eye on the project. It seems very promising. Meanwhile, my slides are up on SlideShare.