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To the assorted legions of my blog-readers ;-), a big sorry! In hindsight, I should have expected this big delay before I could post (since I chose not to chug my laptop along) – the problem of course, is that I don’t have a box at home. My Mac Mini (which I did choose to take along) stays at the office where it has a monitor, keyboard and mouse attached. [The lesson of course is that, despite being an incredible device, the Mac Mini can’t do what it’s not designed to. Ergo, BYODKM. But, as usual, I’m digressing.]

One word to encapsulate my Delhi experience. Eventful. Five words? A huge fricking learning experience :-). My to-do lists, (which I’ll post soon) should be illustrative, but I learnt a lot about the big L these past two weeks. It’s been nice too – have had no real horrible experience so far, and in general, I’ve really liked it.

Making good friends has always been a problem for me (because I’m a bit of an introvertish freak) but hopefully in time, I’ll make em. To counteract that however, I’m very happy being alone and I find lots of things to keep me occupied. Reading books – something that I couldn’t do much the last six months – is what I’ve been doing mostly. Five books in 2 weeks is pretty good :-). And yup, digging out movie festivals and going to em (detailed posts later). I gotta go now. But hopefully, I’ll get a monitor soon and things will be back to my usual erratic self.

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  2. Thanks for dropping by Govind 🙂 All the best for Infy!

  3. Duttan Avatar

    Nice to know that u r doing well. I really dig the fact that u r working on your OWN pc in office!

    Where I am going, I can’t take a laptop / pc….

    Good luck with the making friends part. The sitation is kinda same here too…..

    5 books in 2 weeks! 😮 ^:)^

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