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Allo to my friends from Kakkanad, Kochi. It’s a bright, sunny morning, and the love is strong, really strong in the air. Yesterday, after a closeted, stifling but fun trip down from Trivandrum, we went over to the IT Kerala ’06. It’s a pretty small place – and very much less developed than at Technopark, but still decently nice. The stalls are sturdy, clean and squeakingly polished, and we had a corner at the IIITM-K stall.

I’ve also uploaded a photo set to Flickr which I’ll update as the days go by.

One of the things that’s pretty obvious about a fest like this is that regardless of the hype, I don’t think there’s a lot of business being transacted a the event. It’s more in the nature of a ‘fair’ where the public comes to gawk in wonder (or pretend wonder) at the stuff exhibited. The only tech marvel I saw for example, was a pretty decently made path-finding obstruction-overcoming robot with a cam built in. It was fun playing around with it so much so that the people who made it finally asked me to get out of the way ;-). Microsoft also had a stall, but sadly no Longhorn previews – just a Windows Media Center demo. I’ll probably investigate all the stalls more thoroughly at a later date.

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  1. Dear Vishnu,

    More on IT Kerala please..

    We are getting the tinted feeds from the Media and we expect some kind of hands-on experience feeds from participants like you.

    Is there any News on Microsoft’s charted Kerala operations? Any new companies coming to Kerala? Any news / companies on localization front?

    By the way, I saw your Resume. Quite interesting!

    “…..heavily customized the Drupal CMS for efficient content-management.”

    What was the customization? To make it compatible for Malayalam?

    with regards,

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