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Allo to my friends from Kakkanad, Kochi. It’s a bright, sunny morning, and the love is strong, really strong in the air. Yesterday, after a closeted, stifling but fun trip down from Trivandrum, we went over to the IT Kerala ’06. It’s a pretty small place – and very much less developed than at Technopark, but still decently nice. The stalls are sturdy, clean and squeakingly polished, and we had a corner at the IIITM-K stall.

I’ve also uploaded a photo set to Flickr which I’ll update as the days go by.

One of the things that’s pretty obvious about a fest like this is that regardless of the hype, I don’t think there’s a lot of business being transacted a the event. It’s more in the nature of a ‘fair’ where the public comes to gawk in wonder (or pretend wonder) at the stuff exhibited. The only tech marvel I saw for example, was a pretty decently made path-finding obstruction-overcoming robot with a cam built in. It was fun playing around with it so much so that the people who made it finally asked me to get out of the way ;-). Microsoft also had a stall, but sadly no Longhorn previews – just a Windows Media Center demo. I’ll probably investigate all the stalls more thoroughly at a later date.

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  1. MS has started operations in Cochin

  2. […] m the outset though, I’ll say that there’s not much to talk about. Like I said earlier, the tone set is more in the vein of a village fair than anything business-oriented […]

  3. The customization was mostly to aid Sig9’s deployment. See

    There’s a huge post pending on IT Kerala, hope that’ll whet your appetite.

  4. Dear Vishnu,

    More on IT Kerala please..

    We are getting the tinted feeds from the Media and we expect some kind of hands-on experience feeds from participants like you.

    Is there any News on Microsoft’s charted Kerala operations? Any new companies coming to Kerala? Any news / companies on localization front?

    By the way, I saw your Resume. Quite interesting!

    “…..heavily customized the Drupal CMS for efficient content-management.”

    What was the customization? To make it compatible for Malayalam?

    with regards,

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