Hallo, patient reader. It has been a month. Again. The last few weeks have brought much of sorrow, much of accomplishment, a lot of new faces, and some very precious moments of happiness. As is my rule which I’ve scarcely broken, none of the bad times here. 🙂

There is something that I’m so busy with in all my waking moments, but I’ll still not blog about. That will come when that becomes a thing I’m proud of. And dear Neil, I acknowledge your tag and your reminder, but if I were do it, it should be done right, and I can’t seem to do anything really right these days.

Six, perhaps seven days from now, I’ll return to this blue melting pot. And perhaps then, I’ll have more to say.

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  1. I took more than that for completing mine! But then, why should you also not suffer! Tag away!

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