I’m going away this Friday to visit my dad in Dubai. It’s a trip that’s been a long time in the works, and I’m pretty happy about it. The last time I was over there (three years ago?), lots of eventful things happened, so I’ll blog from there (of course), and keep all you really patient readers updated.

Have lots of stuff to tell you people… from the consequences of my GRE to the fact that I’m part of a small firm right now :-). Lots! I’m waiting for some closure on lots of things I’m working on before I start to say stuff about them.

One of the things I’ve realized though (and I think it’s pretty important) is that no matter where you are and how horrible you think a place is, what you make out of your life largely depends on how well connected you are, and how much you’re willing to work towards it. Everything – even your wildest dreams – are pretty damn possible. And I say that even while I’m in Thiruvananthapuram, which is saying something. 🙂

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