This blog serves a purpose.

However, I’ve always wanted a portolio site. Head on over to it’s the first time I’ve crafted a design so elaborately, and it embodies a few things I’ve learnt since Vysnu. It’s also pretty heavily inspired by the work Ashok did for the Lafest souvenir (which btw is a work of art) – the sleek black and white design really got me thinking, and Vish is the result.

Allow me to vish it on you one more time ;-). Leave comments here.

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  1. hi , i`ve gained computer skills ……..see i opened ur site

  2. $21. Yeah… kinda costly. Four letters are kinda worth it though 🙂

  3. Nice Vishnu.

    How did you get the .in domain? Costly?

  4. well nice concept…mabe u cud try some LINE work insteasd of the fur work…think furs thingy looks better in a flock..just a thought…:-)

  5. Vishnu,
    I’ve Book Tagged you! The tag must go on!

  6. Good idea.

    I know you are emphasizing on B&W but it looks a bit hazy and diffused.

    I would suggest a few soft strokes around the corners of the thumbnails that you want to higlight.

    And may be rounded corners would look nice.

  7. Hmm will check it out. The whole point though is to highlight that black & white thingy.

  8. Try a creamy background like that CHARAMEL theme for firefox. I think it will be even good.

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