This blog serves a purpose.

However, I’ve always wanted a portolio site. Head on over to it’s the first time I’ve crafted a design so elaborately, and it embodies a few things I’ve learnt since Vysnu. It’s also pretty heavily inspired by the work Ashok did for the Lafest souvenir (which btw is a work of art) – the sleek black and white design really got me thinking, and Vish is the result.

Allow me to vish it on you one more time ;-). Leave comments here.

8 responses to “Vish”

  1. Good idea.

    I know you are emphasizing on B&W but it looks a bit hazy and diffused.

    I would suggest a few soft strokes around the corners of the thumbnails that you want to higlight.

    And may be rounded corners would look nice.

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