Koal: Future Plans

I have huge plans for Koal, the least of which is actually making it the “best online reading repository for independent writing on the net.” 🙂

But.. sigh.. koal.com is taken… and so I need a favor from you people… if you can spare the time, find me a good domain name to go with Koal. I don’t mind a name change (as long as it is good), but I do have one criteria – the domain should either be very short (<5 letters) or should be infinitely rememberable.

Thanks in advance!

3 responses

  1. Those are good options, but I prefer a .com. If no other solution finds itself though, I’ll prolly go for a koal.in 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    Why dont you try koal.ch or koal.in

    .ch is for Switzerland, and .in of course India


  3. Why not try Koal.co.in. The domain names can now be easily purchased in India too. Sify is one of the resellers. You can get more info on the Indian ISP sites. I believe the .in domains will open from March 1st.

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