Dishaa Distilled

It’s been exactly one week since Dishaa, and enough time has now passed (I think) for me to give a small review of the event.

Distilling an event like this into a post will mean that I’ll leave out details, and the things that I do mention will probably not appear that important. So I’ll not even try here… this isn’t a recap per se of the event, these are just my feelings.

Held on the 12th and 13th of this month, Dishaa ’05 was the culmination of lots of hard work, spur-of-the-moment planning, immense improvisation, lack of money, and brilliant innovation from a batch that isn’t well known for either its cooperation or talent. What makes an event like this work though (more than anything else) is belief. By a very few people too. Belief… until the event snowballs, coz when (not if) it does, you only need to angle it to the shore to create an event.

To create a good event, you need to armwrestle with it, push and pull and kill and sweat, and make ends meet by any means possible. For this Dishaa, we needed to do a helluva lot of all of those. And if I’m very truthful, a lot of things were very badly done and need much improvement: judges, events, stage and venue planning, gap fillers, rules, decoration, publicity, time management, and a good many other things. Self congratulations are in order though, because I don’t think anybody in the city really thought we’d pull it off as well as we did… all the reviews I got were positive, and that in itself says much.

An area where I thought we should have immense improvement in the future is participation, especially for technical events. Due to many reasons, invitations went off to schools and colleges a little later than I’d have liked it to, and I attribute the low turnout to that. It’s something that I’ll keep in mind for the next Dishaa.

If you were present at Dishaa ’05, kudos, for you have a share of the success. Be there at Dishaa ’06; conducting it will be fun 🙂

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    Ephedrine. Ephedrine faq….

  2. Yeah. That’s in.

  3. are u people gonna include the gaming competition next year?

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    when is dishaa 06 gonna take place

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