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As always, the post that updates you about my life, after weeks, months of inactivity. This is getting to be the routine, and frightfully, I don’t seem to mind that much.

When your life is so full with stuff that you don’t stop to analyze it, I usually think of it as a good thing. It stops me from thinking too much (a fault that sometimes also serves as a boon), and often makes me stop being so damn analytical and go with the flow. That is (when the stars are aligned correctly enough) usually good.

A tiny recap. My life has been generally good since I last posted. I’ve participated in and conducted one Sig9 IRC Talk, which I think is one insanely good idea that Vivek had. I met one very lively person who’s making me look at life pretty differently. I opened myself a bit deeper to the Unix world and though I’ve only scratched the surface, I’ve found that in many ways, I like the ideology. I’ve become more interested in the technologies that power the Web, and I believe I’ve found my true calling (though that must remain a secret for some time yet). I’ve also made a lot of new friends (and reopened ties with many old ones) in a very short span of time, largely due to my work at my school alumni and Dishaa.

Ah yes… Dishaa – the inter-collegiate cultural and technical festival that the computer science branch of my college is organizing. It’s to be held on the 12th and 13th of February at Nishagandhi and Palace Hall in Thiruvananthapuram, and it’s going to rock this city like no other ;-). I’m also earnestly working on the Dishaa website – and after having solved more than a few squiggles with my domain provider… it should be online in two days.

Now, on to the things I’ve not done. Work on the LOBA website for one. I mean, really work. The few updates that I have in there now are little more than stopgap. And then, updating and moving my websites to a spanking new host. That should happen really soon.

Since I have blogspace… I’d also like to say congrats to the Rubbur band (note the spelling) for placing fourth at the IIT Madras Saarang. Good work 🙂

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  2. Hi Jiby! Lots of people from your batch have contacted me through the site. We hope to make Dishaa… big! 😀

  3. Hi Vishnu,
    Your friend neil brought me to ur site.I see our academic journey has taken the same route…loyola to sct. Convey my regards to ur classmates on conducting dishaa2005.our batch organized dishaa2002 and our folks will happy seeing ur website. also the lobaglobal site needs updation badly. our isc98 batch has a website now

  4. The spelling’s right, all right!

  5. Ya… that LOBA website sure needs some updating.

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