Seven, v0.5.20040723

I’ve restructured Seven so that the document should be much nicer to read and also much easier to update. I’ve added a new chapter to the story, and polished off many of the earlier chapters. Read the Note before the story for more of what I have to say. The changes in this version are:

Friday, July 23, 2004, version 0.5.20040723

Summary: Major Changes. Recommend a re-read from Chapter One.

  • Added Chapter Five, Cast, Units, the Note and Changes.
  • Major formatting changes in this version, Seven is now a nicer, single document, easily converted to lots of different formats.
  • Standardized magicka.
  • Removed Interrupts and Sci-Fi tie-ins… for now.
  • Ashlands tie-in added everywhere.
  • Many typos and sentences fixed.
  • Note: The changes in earlier chapters haven’t yet been finished, the next few updates could also be ‘re-read’ ones. Sorry!
  • Note: About one half of this story has now been posted 😀

Two versions are available: Word DOC and PDF

I’m going away for a week for my industrial Visit to Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mysore and lots of other places, so unless I can post from a cafe while I’m traveling, its goodbye till the first of August. Hope this serves as a nice going-away present, see ya!

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