Lucid Dreaming

Since I’ve always had very vivid dreams (read *very* vivid) I thought I was a natural candidate for something that I came across: Lucid Dreaming. At first I thought it was a farce, some kind of mass delusion that people suffer from and since I’m sceptical about many of these “paranormal” processes (I tend to relegate this to a bin that includes ghosts, out-of-body experiences, flying saucers and so on), it required lots of convincing [1] before I started to become a believer =)

I beleive I would’ve done good work as a Christian missionary in the early years of the religion since I almost have the same zeal to tell people about the cool (ahem… kewl) things that I come across; considering however that I don’t believe in God planting a mole on earth, I think I am better off as I am.

Back to Lucid Dreaming [2]: one of the things I like about the method is that it seems pretty simple, unlike meditation where the process that you have to follow to reach that vague enlightened state is ill-described, LD seems almost scientific in comparison. Also, it has well documented(?) [3] results.

My progress on the methods have been very poor so far. It may be due to the weird ping-ponging sleep schedules that I have now because of my exams but once that’s settled, I want to look into this in earnest.

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