11 thoughts on “Off to Malakkara

  1. i am the grand son of mr. M.P.eswarapillai.of padmanabhapuram, who was the first disciple of guru atmananda.
    i am now im maldives .i would like to communicate with thedisciples of atmananda guru and advayananda guru
    satguru sri mat atmananda swroopom


    1. Dear Lucien,

      Did you also went to Anandawadi, Malakara?
      I am planning a visit to that village. Is it possible to ask some question per e-mail?


  2. I have been to Karala and wondering if some of His followers live or study close by. I have lost phone numbers of different people


  3. I spent some time in Malakkara as a follower of Sri Padmanabha Menon and I am also an in depth psychologist. Your message is 1 years old tough.


  4. I am assuming you come from the Malakkara near Chengannur. If so, I’d like to ask you a couple of things. First, do you know the Sri Atmananda Memorial School? Second, do you know the group of Westerners that follow Sri Padmanabha Menon at Anandawadi? What do you think of them? Third, do you know of a hotel or rest house/ “dak bungalow” in the immediate area?


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