Titles are unnecessary

There are many things I want to say in this post.

One, about the gap between my last post and this one. I had a semi-planned re-install session due on my comp last week, and due to some bad planning, I didn’t take backups of my documents folder before I f0rmatted the HD. As a result, I lost quite a lot of my bookmarks and writing and had to restore it from a backup a few months old. And in between, my computer developed some worrying symptoms that included the BIOS being wonked every now and then. I finally traced it to a boot-sector virus (ha!) and had to do a low-level format to bring my box back to shape. Everything is all ok now, and posting should resume.

Two, about Vysnu’s state and the big question that you see above. I still welcome your input, but I’ve decided to stick with the current layout, and improve page load speeds in other ways. I’m working on a page-cache system for the WP home page (and aside from chunking out MySQL errors, it works alright now) and that would speed this up enormously. As a quick remedy, I’ve enabled mod_gzip for the Apache install (both here and on Sig9) – it is an amazing piece of tool, and brought down my render times from +20s to -1s. That should take care of that for a while.

Three, I’m looking for guest bloggers to post on my site. If you don’t know about guest blogging, try looking at the famous posts by Howard Dean on Lawrence Lessig. Anyways, I’ll tell you what I’m looking for. People who read and like my site, and who would like to say something of their own, and also people who read and write a lot, or think and code a lot, or travel a lot are the best candidates. I’ll expect a few contributions to musings, but aside from that, all I’m looking for is some well written and thought-out writing. If you think you ought to be one of my guest bloggers, send me an email: vishnu AT sent DOT com, or leave a comment here. People who know me IRL should volunteer, or otherwise I’ll kick your asses to Tibet [If I don’t get anybody else, I’ll probably force you’all to write something =)].

There were many things I wanted to say in this post and there was no one single thing that I wanted to say; I’ve come to the conclusion that either the titles must be very long, or non-existant. Most future posts will be title-less. A change in the permalink structure is also in the works. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to join the bandwagon.

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